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Meeberg’s open top container solutions for top-loading cargo

For large cargo, top-loading is generally the answer; and what better logistics solution for it than a Meeberg open top container? This company has a wide range of open top container models on offer, serving both rental and sale markets. In addition, Meeberg conducts refurbishment and rebuilding of used containers, providing custom-made logistics solutions while limiting costs. An open top container is best suited to large cargo transport. Offering both standard height containers and special High Cube models, Meeberg can supply these units in lengths of 20 feet and 40 feet. The High Cube container is about 30 centimeters taller to accommodate outsize cargo. Open top container rebuilding at Meeberg is conducted in-house. In this way, they make sure you receive the exact custom-built container you require. Reach out to Meeberg today; their experienced staff would be happy to help you decide on a solution that is right for you.

Tankcontainer purchasing with Meeberg

When buying a tankcontainer, many criteria must be considered; the medium transported, the capacity required, and so on and so forth. Let the Meeberg team can leverage their experience of the tankcontainer production process to support you. Their step-by-step guidance ensure you purchase the tailor-made tankcontainer your company needs, upholstered in your livery and logo if desired. With all these options on the table, Meeberg makes sure its clients are provided with a technical drawing and specification sheet. Then you know for sure your tankcontainer meets your every need.

A reputed container company for all your logistics needs

This family owned company has grown to become a worldwide service partner to its clients, by leveraging 35 years of experience in their field. With a business portfolio based on reliability, flexibility, trust, expertise & commitment, their customer base has expanded to over 70 countries across 6 continents. Also looking to work with this excellent container company? Contact Meeberg today and discuss the possibilities for your enterprise.