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Attention, Narcissus!

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How to interact with people who have an inflated opinion of themselves and self-esteem? In other words, is there any point in interacting with narcissists? In general, if you can avoid such communication, then it is better not to start it. But if there is nowhere to go, then there is one way.

Joseph Burgo, author of the world bestselling book Beware, Narcissist, writes that to effectively interact with narcissists, you need to understand yourself well.

A big problem in dealing with a true narcissist is its profound impact on your own self-esteem. Some narcissists exalt you, others immediately trample you in the mud. And soon you start to doubt yourself. Dealing with a familiar narcissist sometimes means confronting your own shame.

The author insists that if you decide to deal with a narcissist, start with introspection. Then set your limits and set the distance you want in the relationship. You may have to go to a complete break in relations.

Fight the desire for revenge, do not sink to the level of a narcissist. Focus on your own vulnerabilities, not who is to blame.

The author notes that a conflict with a narcissist is not the case when one can defend high principles. To the true narcissist, truth and justice mean nothing. Just try to avoid and not get involved in the conflict, you can sometimes flatter.

Want to better understand who narcissists are, what types of narcissistic behaviors exist, how best to resist such people? Then we recommend that you read the key ideas of the psychological bestseller “Beware, Narcissus” by Joseph Burgo!

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