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A double deck trailer is a smart and economical option

When you want to save costs on transportation of your goods, it is a great idea to rethink the way you are transporting currently. When your transport travels through the entire European continent, these costs can become quite impactful. At Blankers Transport, they have come up with a smart and economical way to transport your goods with less trucks, by tripling the loading capacity. Transporting costs are costs better spend on something else within your company. With a double or triple deck trailer, they can make your transport much more efficient and cost effective. Read on to find out how they managed to do all this.

Maximizing space with a double or triple deck trailer

Equipped with double loading floors, the double deck trailer option offers double the capacity within a regular trailer. Especially with voluminous goods such as matrasses, foam materials or fabrics, this is a great option. These goods get loaded and lifted and the second deck gets loaded as well. When all decks are loaded, they are gently lowered into their final positions in the trailer. This way they get compressed and they take up less space. Which could translate into only needing one truck with a double deck trailer, instead of two or three regular trucks. All of this will conclude in lower transportation costs. Who wouldn’t want that?

Get in touch about the options

At Blankers Transport they are more than happy to assist you with and advice you in finding the right transportation options. At sharp prices they offer fitting solutions for any transportation enquiry. Their entire fleet, including every double deck trailer, is equipped with a state of the art route tracking system. Which means you can follow the location of your products every moment of the day. They make sure your goods are safe and arrive in a timely manner. That is the promise they make to their customers.


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